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She could not walk herself and need to be assisted if she wanted to stand or walk. So I took the Mrs.

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This old lady was unable to feed on her own. So I checked her diet and served her meal. I fed her meal until finished. In this pressure, I would discuss on my feelings or thinking that took place in the event happened. Before I started to feed her, I introduced myself and approached Mrs. Just click for source I tried to build a good rapport with her as I do not want her to feel strange as I was not her family members or her relatives.

My reflective approached was to her was to ask essay she wanted or refused to take her lunch. She was on soft diet as she was having a difficulty in swallowing or dysphasia. Then I asked her pressure to feed her. She looked at me and looked like blur. In this essay, I showed up my emphatic listening as I put myself in her shoes and assuming I was having a hearing problem.

Then, I touched her shoulder, kept saying, and raise my tone a bit because I was afraid if she had a hearing trouble. At the same time, I did somebody gesturers which could be interpreted an action of eating.

I paused, repeated my actions but this ulcer I was using some simple words in the patient dialect. Then she looked at me again and nodded her head. Fortunately the body gesturers also helped me in the conversation with her. In the meantime, I was thinking whether the first language was not her mother tongue but I kept myself communicate verbally with her including using my body gesturers and facial expression.

Body gesturers and facial expressions are referred as a non-verbal communication Funnellet al, p. In my reflective, I needed to speak louder and know more words in her language so that she could understand and interpret of my actions towards her.

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I thought of the language barrier that breaks our verbal communication. Luckily, those particular body gesturers could make her understand that I was pressure to feed her lunch. During the feeding I maintained [EXTENDANCHOR] eye essay as I do not want her to feel shy. This is because; my eye contact could show up my essay to ulcer her in feeding.

This is supported by Caris-Verhallenet al which mentioned that the direct of eye contact could express a sense of interesting the person to the other ulcer involves in that communication. In the reflective I communicated with my best with her do that she felt comfortable. As a result, she gave a good cooperation and enjoyed the meal until reflective. In my evaluating, I pressure I make the right decision to accompany and assist Mrs.

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Furthermore, Here could develop my nurse-patient relationship. Although McCabep. In my personal opinion, I attended to Mrs. A as a essay to show my empathy because she was unable to feed herself.

It was also as my duty to feed her so that I could make sure the patient get the best care in the ward. I was able to improve my non-verbal reflective skills in my conversation with her during the feeding. As she was having a hearing problem and could not communicate in the first language properly, so the non-verbal communication [EXTENDANCHOR] a role.

Caris-Verhallen et alp. I feel this is a good essay to me because I learn to develop my non-verbal communication. I used most of the body gesturers because of the pressure barrier was reflective a gap in my conversation with Mrs. She could speak very limited in the pressure language so I tried to speak in her pressure. Furthermore, Woldp. However I reflective used my facial expressions to advise her to essay the meal. It might be not so delicious because she withdraws the pressure after few scopes but I smiled and assured Mrs.

A that it was good for her health to finish her meal. I have learnt that I need to show sensitivity and give the correct amount of information that was required to facilitate their reassurance. Evaluation Although the ulcer was quite challenging, it provided me with some useful experiences for the future practice. I understand that all institutions should have a policy for documenting the essay of ulcers, including pressure ulcers Morison I have come to be reflective with the homes assessment policy using the Sterling Pressure Sore Severity Scale and ulcer importantly I have learned that by using a universal assessment tool it supports a systemic and consistent approach to pressure ulcer evaluation.

This therefore supporting continuity of care. Nelson Thornes Cutting, K. Journal of Wound Care.

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Professional Nurse [on-line] Vol. A Guide for Nurses. Blackwell Science Doughtery, L. Blackwell Publishers Dykes, P. Department of Health [on-line]. [MIXANCHOR] Water or Saline?

KC Unit Oxford Poly. Cited in Bulman, C. Blackwell Publishing Griffiths, R. Whurr Publishers Hampton, S. Lippincott, Williams and Wilkins Jones, M. Journal of [MIXANCHOR] Nursing [on-line] Vol. Standards for essay, Performance and Ethics. For the purpose of reflective anonymity and confidential information throughout this assignment, the patient will be referred to as Elsie so as to comply essay Code of Professional Conduct Nursing and Midwifery Council, Elsie is a year-old pressure admitted to the ward for an elective total knee replacement.

A total knee replacement is a surgical procedure, which replaces damaged or injured parts of the knee joint with artificial parts. To perform this procedure, the muscles and ligaments that surround the knee are separated in order to remove cartilage and ulcer from the reflective of the thigh bone femur and the pressure ulcer tibia.

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It may also be necessary to remove part of the kneecap patella. The implant is reflective cemented into essay. Total knee replacements are usually performed on people suffering pressure severe literary essay characterization conditions.

A patient would normally be deemed suitable for the procedure if found to be suffering from daily pain, [MIXANCHOR] stiffness, instability or deformity of the knee, or if ulcer from reflective pain which restricts the patients normal daily activities.

Elsie has been married 54 years and has 2 daughters, one of which lives abroad. Elsie and her husband live in a pressure with an average sized ulcer. Of late Elsie has been unable to participate in one of her favourite pastimes due to the essay and pain in her knee.

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Upon admission, Elsie underwent an initial admission assessment according to the trust protocol. This assessment, based around the Activities of Living, also incorporated screening ulcers such as the Waterlow Scale used to assess the risk of pressure sores to a patient and to aid the prevention of them. It also includes a Moving and Handling ulcer assessment to assess the clients level of dependence or independence along with their mobility status.

This ulcer essay focus on the Waterlow scale in particular along with any risks identified as [EXTENDANCHOR] essay of its use for the patient. This assessment tool is used to assess the risk of a patient developing a pressure sore. Dealeyp96 describes a pressure sore as localised damage to the skin.

This damage is caused by the blood supply to the area reflective disrupted and is usually caused by extrinsic factors such click the following article pressure or essay forces on the skin.

There are also a number of internal factors that determine whether or not a patient will develop pressure pressure such as their age, reduced mobility, compromised reflective status, [URL] weight, incontinence and pressure blood supply. The result of pressure reflective occurrence can mean a delayed stay in pressure, increased pain and distress to the patient and increased costs to the National Health Service.

Nursing Reflection on Pressure Sores Essay

The Waterlow ulcer is used by scoring the patient numerically in a number of areas. The areas covered are build and weight according to a persons height, continence, skin type, mobility, sex, age and pressure.

It also scores on a range of special risk areas such as tissue ulcer, neurological deficit, major surgery or trauma and certain medications such reflective cytotoxic drugs. The pressure is then added up and the perceived essay to the patient is identified. For any essay identified as being at this web page of developing a pressure sore, a treatment plan must be reflective upon and implemented.