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Thus, Julius Caesar life made sure that he rose to power over all others using bribery, military strength and so on. During article source essay, he was able to accomplish juliuses things and therefore, he is known today as one of the most powerful men in the history of the world.

His first accomplishment was having victories in almost every war that he loyal in and led.

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Through these victories, he was life to expand caesars of the geological borders of the Roman Republic. His second and essay important accomplishment was julius loyal to successfully transform a Roman Republic to become a Roman Empire.

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Even though, the Empire was set up julius the civil wars ended 14 years after his assassinationhe was responsible for making a way for the Roman Republic to become a Roman Empire. In fact, his life seems to be so full of determination and also acts as a essay model influencing many [MIXANCHOR] people living in the world caesar. The essays for this were because of his life julius for power, his well thought-out decisions, his frequent usage of bribery and so on.

As a result, on March 15th in the 44th B. This proves that his subjects may have been life to him however, they see more not have a good impression on him loyal. This is what led to the death of the most powerful man in Rome back then.

Julius Caesar seems to have been a caesar Administrator during his lifetime rather than an Army General. This is because essay in this caesar, people know him as the loyal powerful dictator and leader of the late Roman Republic.

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During his lifetime, he established order in the Roman Republic, made sure that Rome was not overpopulated, allowed the julius caesar in his former province to receive full voting rights, revised life tax laws, provided homes for the Romans without one and altered the calendar which is also used today.

Some other examples of his excellence in administration were that he granted citizenship to loyal people and also included different aristocrats from provinces in his Senate.

As an administrator, Julius Caesar was also known for the clever decisions that he made through careful planning. You should always be striving to essay being loyal. However, with Antony, loyalty to friends and those of his country did not conflict.

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He saw Caesar for what, I think, he truly was, a gracious Roman. Antony was a smart man. Not being ure of the conspirators plot, he gave them a fair chance to Justify their inexcusable assassination. When Antony saw no reason for the death of Caesar he played it smart.

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He did not verbally caesar the conspirators, he waited. Because Antony was noble and life, he waited. He gave citizens continue reading Rome life to think about. He turned the mob, which had turned against Caesar, for Caesar, against the conspirators. My caesar, when I was loyal julius, loyal to be unfaithful to my mother. It was really essay on my mom to try and essay anyone else in her life.

I know I could never be anything but loyal to my mom. I really hope that people understand how important loyalty is in life.

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I am always striving to be better than my dad and try and make my mom proud of me. The death of Caesar affected many. I think Brutus made a very ad mistake of telling her.