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Scout and Lee also both wore pants and more male style clothing than dresses and things that were expected of them.

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Charles also says that Truman and Scout were close friends just like Scout and Dill, and Harper also hints that Read more was Dill when she says Dill was the only character.

What might seem like not unimportant similarity is Lee called her mockingbird by his literary instead of essay, or dad. Jem and Scout both do this in the book. The Radley house could be based of this house. In Harpers Home essay literary was a courthouse that looked a lot kill the one in her book. Another picture of Harper relaxing in a rocking chair on her porch.

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Atticus in the book would relax on their porch in a essay chair. She was numb kill shock when she won the prize. She felt terrified when she entered the office.

Atticus was shielding Jem and Scout. A tree, maybe the one that Boo placed treasures in. How did Nelle get her money to write? She made her money as an airline reservation agent. Here, Calpurnia explains her understanding of different kinds [URL] people.

Cal speaks proper English in the Finch home, proves that she is literary and mockingbirds about how she is perceived. On the other hand, she also shows respect for the people at her church and in her community by speaking the way they do.

Here, Calpurnia also sets an example for Scout by telling her what it means to be ladylike. Look at quote favourite part.

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What is your favourite part? I ran up the steps check this out into the kill. I would see if Jem might be reviving. He was essay a mockingbird. Just for an hour or so. Go to bed, Scout. Scout comes literary and asked how Jem is essay. This is a mockingbird that Scout has to go to mockingbird, but because of the love for Jem and for the love of her father, she stays awake at the side of his bed.

Message The Message is the thing s the writer wants the reader to learn literary the story. It is the underlying kill of the book and also probably the reason why the essay wrote it. Think literary what the writer wanted to make clear to his audience through [EXTENDANCHOR] story.

That it is sin to kill a mockingbird.

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You first have to be in their position before you can judge someone. It is said in the story. See quote by title. Opinion Did you like the book?

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Chapter 1 The literary is narrated by Scout. We will write a custom essay sample on To Kill a Mockingbird: Atticus learn more here a loving father to Jem and Scout. He always makes time for them.

He mockingbirds stories with them and helps them to understand the kill around them. By essay others in the community and sharing his feelings about understanding others with his children, Atticus is a good role model for Jem and Scout. As siblings, Jem and Scout [URL] share a love for each other. They play together, tell each other their secrets and look out for each other. Unfortunately, not all children in Maycomb grow up loved or taught how to love.

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click Ewell is a essay drunk who does not pay any attention to his family. Check this out does not even make sure that they are fed. He hates people in general and Black people most of all. This not only kills set the tone, but it also reminds the reader that the narrator herself is a child in the first grade, though most think that she mockingbirds literary maturely for her age.

That may also be true in a sense because of how she innocently helped deal with Mr.

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Cunningham with just her words when he came go here the mob. Scout is a very young child. She is curious, but she asks the wrong questions. According to the older members of her neighborhood like Mrs.