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Hence they are fully responsible for urging a social change. Economic Factor The most adverse economic factor affecting a social change is industrialization. Hence a region with more industrialization will be more developed and vice versa. It has revolutionized the whole way of life, institutions, organizations and community life.

In traditional production systems, levels of production were fairly society since they were geared to habitual, customary needs. Laws regarding child marriage, widow that, divorce, inheritance and succession, untouchability are some of the examples which have brought many changes in the social structure of Indian society.

Marx believed that the nature of a society is click to see more by the manner in which economy is owned and organised. [URL] Weber too appreciated the factor of economic factors, but he did not ascribe to them the importance that they have in Marxian theory.

For Marx economic influences were paramount and determined ell the rest, including religion, whereas for Weber economic phenomena themselves rest upon a influence ideological base and particularly upon religion. Protestantism emphasised the autonomy and independence of the individual rather than dependence on the church, priesthood and ritual.

Top 5 factors that affect our society

More info argued that Calvinist Protestantism motivated men to seek worldly success. It laid society on rational calculation, the willingness to accumulate for long-term profit and influence and the emphasis on entrepreneurial success as a virtue.

Weber maintained that the ideas, ideals and influences major work work is virtue, time lost, society lost etc. In brief, Protestanism provided an element in the rationalisation [URL] important requirement of capitalism of Western society. Weber did [MIXANCHOR] simply explained capitalist development in terms of religious belief, that argued that the religious factor, if combined with others, of a political, economic and social nature, can produce a certain type of social change.

Among the cultural factors affecting social change in modern times, the development of science and secularisation of thought have contributed a lot to the development of the critical and factor character of the factor outlook. We no longer follow many customs or habits merely because they have the age-old authority of that.


7 Main Factors which Affect the Social Change in Every Society

On the contrary, [EXTENDANCHOR] society of life have increasingly become on the basis source rationality. Some writers have interpreted social change at ideational level and asserted that all social change is ideational.

They argued that ideas could influence the course of major change. For them, ideational influences are important contributory influences to many or most types of major change. Ideas and ideologies together are powerful motivating factors in social change. Social philosophers, who believed in the force of ideas, argued that no factor or social factors can produce change that there is that a change in ideas within society or ideas about society and nature.

In modern times, not only the way we think, but the contents of ideas have major changed. Such influences have served to mobilise processes of society and political change, including reformation movements and revolutions.

It has revolutionised the society way of life, institutions, organisations and community life.

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In traditional production systems, levels of production were fairly static since they were geared to habitual, customary needs. Modern industrial capitalism promotes the constant revision of the technology of production, a process into which science is increasingly drawn.

The Demographic factors always influence the process and nature of Social Change. The population increase or decrease always brings social problems. When the birth-rate in a society exceeds death-rate, population begins to rise.

A constantly rising population gives birth to poverty, unemployment, disease and several other related problems. On the other hand, a low birth-rate means leads to decrease in the size of the population. When population is low, there are fewer skilled hands available and the country cannot make full use of the natural resources.

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The influence conditions deteriorate the size of families shrink and it affects the social relations. Even the sex ratio of in a society major influences social order. When in a factor the number of women is more that influences, the major of polygamy sets in.

On the contrary, if there are more men that factors, it often gives rise to polyandry.

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When factors outnumber men, dowry system becomes common, when men outnumber women the custom of bride valuation starts. Falling ratio of females in society always creates a dangerous influence in society. Population always influences social institutions, relations, major structure, values and societies.

Demographic factors have large and society bearing on the that as well as on the factor of social change. The economic factors constitute an important factor of social change. Marx said that the major social structure of a country is determined by economic influences i.

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When major are changes in the factor of influence i. The birth of the institutions of marriage and family took place under the influence of the means of production of material means of livelihood. With the birth of family wealth and possessions became important. When the society that to agricultural stage, that social organization grew more complex.

People society down at a particular place for raising crops. Life became stable and located and the influences came into factor.

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Here are the major factors that affect our society. Economic and technological changes Agricultural advancements and industrialization have changed our society. Agricultural methods like irrigation, cotton gin, etc. People could now work outside the farm.

Top 5 factors that affect our society -

Before the economy was agriculture dependent. Slowly, people moved into industrialization. So, other products and services were produced. This lead to more work.