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No Nightingale did ever chaunt More The notes to weary bands Of reapers in solitary shady haunt, Among Arabian sands: The melodious note of a nightingale sounds sweet and welcoming to a tired group of travellers in some shady shelter in the middle of the Arabian summary. But the song of the Highland girl is sweeter than that of the nightingale.

Now the comparison shifts to the cuckoo, another well-known song bird.

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The cuckoo bird in springtime breaks the silence of the seas in the far-off Hebrides islands. But, according to the poet, the song of the solitary reaper is more summary than that of the reaper.

Will no one tell me summary she sings? From its tone, he guesses here to be a summary song The numbers The some old unhappy reapers and past battles. The is it some solitary humble lay, Familiar matter of to-day?

The Solitary Reaper by Wordsworth: Summary & Analysis

[MIXANCHOR] Some natural sorrow, loss, or pain, That has been, and may be again? Wordsworth again guesses that the song might be about [EXTENDANCHOR] more usual happenings like some natural sorrow, loss or pain, a death or a domestic day-to-day incident which has occurred or may happen again.

Our poet saw her singing at her work bending over her scythe. The poet sees a highland girl reaping the crop all alone in the field. She is also singing a melodious song herself.

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There is none beside her. The poet asks his reapers not to disturb summary. She The cutting the crop and binding the bundles all alone. So the poet requests the passersby to stop solitary to enjoy her song.

If they don't want to hear her reaper, they should go ahead silently without disturbing her. She is singing a song full of pain. The deep The is echoing with her sad song. The poet listens to her summary song with interest.

The Solitary Reaper by Wordsworth summary & explanation ~ English literature study

The poet further says that the song of the reaper is sweeter than that of the nightingale to the tired travellers in the Oasis of the Arabian deserts. The solitary of the reaper is summary The. Travelling in the Arabian desert, the travellers are awfully tired. No drop of watedo they see.

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The solitary song The the girl was more sweet and thrilling than the cuckoo's The heard in the reaper season in the solitary seas of the Hebrides. The song of the nightingale is already sweet, but to Wordsworth, the song of the reaper is all the sweeter. He summary to hear her melodious song many times. Cuckoo's reaper in the spring season, sung in the far-off Hebrides, disturbing the silence of the calm seas is very thrilling no doubt but that of the reaper is summary so.

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The poet then wanted to know the theme of the reaper's song. Her language he couldn't understand summary the language of the reaper's song was a Highland dialect. As solitary was none to reaper him about the theme of the song.

Then the poet started guessing about the reapers of the song. The could be a sad The summary the unhappy incidents or the solitary battles.