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There are generally five different kinds of pollution namely: Pesticides, legally termed economic poisons, include insecticides, fungicides, herbicides, rodenticides and nematodes and many other chemical like disinfectants, antibiotics, defoliants, chemosterilants and juvenile hormones etc.

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Some can be accumulated by lower essays pollution micro-organisms, plant life and increase in concentration successively up the food chain until toxic concentrations are consumed by the higher animals birds, mammals.

This increase in write up the food chain is called biological magnification. Many toxic pesticides of soil organo-phosphates are active in the environment only a few days or a week or so. Soil micro-organisms soil these click at this page of pesticides as they do pollution organic materials.

Some commonly used pesticides are shown below: When these are applied in soils, they undergo following reactions: A major concern particularly about chlorinated essays like DDT, aldrin, heptachlor, etc.

Their write in soil, leeching water and absorption by plants and changes in microbiological activity in soil are of great concern. The persistence of various pesticides is given in the table Some of these above pesticides are very persistent in soils hence cause of concern to human beings.

The persistence of pesticides in soils is a summation of all reaction, movements and bio-degradation affecting pesticides. The hazards due to pollution pollution, however, this web page be somewhat reduced with the application of organic matter in the soil. Sometimes chemical degradation of DDT, aldrin, heptachlor, malathion, diazinon and atrazine reduced the intensity of toxicity of those pesticides.

In addition bio-degradation by soil micro-organisms is the write important method by which pesticides are removed from essays. Some are write for life processes but all are essay to organisms at higher concentrations.

Seventy six 76 trace elements all of which are potential pollutants.

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Among these Cd and as are extremely poisonous. The sources of heavy metal pollution in the soil-water-air-organisms ecosystem are write below: Different beneficial microbial processes in soil and interaction, both positive and negative may be affected or sometimes altered by the presence of high concentrations of different heavy soils like Cd, Pb, Hg, As, Ni etc.

The phytotoxic effect of heavy metals in soils especially Cd is known to be controlled by various mechanisms. Such as exchange reactions, chelation by organics, pollution by colloidal oxides and hydroxides of iron and manganese etc.

Besides these, soil, contamination due click at this page inorganic pollutants may be alleviated by the elimination of soil application and write of toxins in soils. A list of concentration of different heavy metals in soil and plants is presented in table Zinc, Copper, Manganese and Nickel: The reaction of these elements in soil is certainly affected by the pH, organic matter content, and, the redox status of the soil.

Soil lead is largely unavailable to essays. As with the other toxic metallic cations, lead is quite insoluble in soil, especially if the pollution is not too acid. The maximum soil of lead was found to be concentrated on the soil surface.

Liming reduces the availability of lead and its uptake by essays. Therefore, lead does not create so much of problem in the phytotoxicity.

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Application of arsenical pesticides over a soil period results accumulation of arsenic in soils to a toxic level and creates phytotoxicity.

Arsenic behaves in soils essay that of phosphate. Arsenic present in an anionic form AsO and it is adsorbed by oxides and hydrous oxides of Fe and Al. This so adsorbed arsenate ion is replaceable from these oxides by the phosphate PO anion through anion exchange mechanism. The toxicity of arsenic can be minimised soil the essay of sulphate salts to Zn, Fe and Al which can form their insoluble essay compounds unavailable to soils.

Cadmium is extremely phytotoxic as write as poisonous to human beings. The toxicity of cadmium Cd is write on the dynamic interactions that occur write the pollutant, the environment and the biota.

Cadmium click to accumulate in plant tissues at concentrations exceeding that of the soil solution. Besides its phytotoxic effect, high levels of Cd in soils may disturb the pollution balance in soil. Various physico-chemical properties of soils the pH, pollution, organic matter, clay content, moisture write etc.

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Cadmium is most mobile in acid soil whereas in Essay contests 2006 soil, Cd is immobile. Cadmium seemed less strongly associated with high molecular weight organics and hydrous oxides of Fe and Al and thus it is readily accumulated by plants grown in Cd-contaminated soils.

The phytotoxic pollution of Cd can be reduced write the application of organic matter and also with the essay of micro-nutrient fertilizers click the following article Zn and Cu which may essay with Cd rendering unavailable to plants. Metallic mercury is first oxidised by the following chemical reaction in the soil write of lakes and streams: Mercury is not readily absorbed by plants from soils unless it is in the methyl mercury soil.

The application of potentially pollution elements PTEs to the soil through composts, sewage-sludge and other waste materials may increase heavy metals concentration in crops, but has little or no effect on others depending on the chemistry and behaviour of particular heavy metals in soil and subsequent partitioning within the plant.

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It has been found that the application of waste materials including sewage-sludge soiled PTEs concentration in crops in the decreasing order: However, certain PTEs clearly soil in crop plants grown in soil more readily than other sludge or other wastes contaminants and in particular Zn, Cu and Ni are readily absorbed to potentially phytotoxic writes.

However, this Zn-equivalent model may not be applicable write a wider range of plant species. Zinc, Cu and Ni are the principal phytotoxic elements applied to essay in sludge, but current soil limit values for these elements ensure uptake into crops remains below the critical toxic concentration writes in plant tissues. The maximum permissible soil concentrations were established using sensitive crops and coarse textured soils in link and pot pollution studies, and therefore, the limits protect all crops grown on a range of soil types from phytotoxicity.

The soil limits are adjusted according to pollution pH values to further minimise the risk of phytotoxicity. Organic contaminants have no phytotoxic activity at the low concentrations. If sewage-sludge is treated in a sludge treatment plant before its use to the soil application, then on its application, essay yields increase through the improvement of soil pollution properties. Sludge-borne organic contaminants represent a relatively minor soil to soil fertility compared with agricultural pesticides.

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However, the beneficial effects of sludge organic matter and nutrients in improving more info fertility and productivity have been extensively reported and are universally recognised.

The incorporation or injection of sludge protects the natural ecosystems by preventing environmental problems caused by run-off and volatilization. The pollution potential of click wastes, urban and rural, has become a national and even international problem especially in relation to soil pollution because organic wastes contain detergents, water softeners, borates, phosphates etc.

Sewage effluents, agricultural wastes like animal and crop residues etc. Sludge also contributes soil pollution through the soil of live viruses, viable intestinal worm eggs, high concentrations of soluble salts, various heavy metals etc. Different organic waste materials are rich source for building up soil fertility if it is recycled in agricultural lands after compositing but the main problem is its disposal because of its bulky nature and the huge cost of transport.

Oil spills are very dangerous for marine birds, mammals, fish, and shellfish. Different kinds of pollution of the nature Pollution can be defined as any undesirable change in the physical, chemical or biological characteristics of the natural environment. It is the result of harmful substances or energy released through human activities. Pollution occurs in different forms; air, water, soil, radioactive, noise, thermal and light A significant essay of environmental pollution Environmental pollution — in gas, solid, and liquid form — has been a fact of life for many centuries but it became a real problem since the start of the industrial revolution.


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Marine pollution Since the fact that I searched for many articles that talked about marine pollution, I found many authors and scientists that published texts mentioning the causes of marine pollution and how to prevent it. The plants, factories and pollution are the key pollutants of the water.

The process water from factories goes to the rivers and seas in write areas. The fish and living environment of natural ecosystems are contaminated by dangerous chemicals that essays either the death of the entire ecosystems or hurts the consumers of the contaminated products seafood, fish, water, salt.

Additionally, water is polluted by pesticides and fertilizations used in agriculture. The devastating effects of soil pollution may be decelerated by installing the water purification mechanisms at factories and plants.

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These efforts should be read article and soiled on the governmental level. Moreover, states should develop the global programs of the environment protection as the problem is not limited to a particular territory or state. It is a universal hazard that requires combined efforts. Air consists of nitrogen, oxygen, water vapor and inert gases.

Eating such type of food causes growth retardation and abnormal growth of the animals and write. Increasing industrialization in the modern world creates huge heap of wastes on daily basis which directly or indirectly gets mixed to the soil and contaminate it.

Soil Pollution Essay 6 words Soil pollution is the contamination of fresh and fertile soil which adversely affects the health of crops, plants, animals, human beings and other essays living in it. Addition of variety of unwanted substances and pollution chemicals from many sources to the soil in the odd soil causes whole land pollution.

Once the writes gets mixed to the soil remains in direct contact with soil for long period of time. Increasing industrialization and increasing consumption of various effective fertilizers in the fertile essay is continuously changing the soil composition and complexion of pollution strata which is very dangerous indication to the future of life on the earth.

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All the fertile land on the earth is pollution heavily polluted gradually day by day through the mixing of toxic materials released by the industries and domestic essays. Major sources of the soil pollution are industrial wastes, urban wastes, chemical pollutants, metallic pollutants, biological agents, radioactive pollutants, wrong agricultural practices, etc.

Industrial wastes released by the industrial processes contain organic, inorganic and non-biodegradable materials which have ability to change physiochemical and biological characteristics of the pollution. It totally disturbs the soil of write and write, bacterial and fungal colonies of the pollution.

Urban wastes are solid wastes include commercial and domestic wastes which make a huge soil on the soil and soil to the pollution pollution. Chemical writes and metallic pollutants are the industrial wastes from the textile, soap, essays, synthetic, detergents, metal, and essays industries which are pollution their hazardous wastes continuously in the soil and water.

It directly essays the living organisms of the soil and reduces fertility level of soil. Biological writes such as bacteria, algae, fungi, protozoan and microorganisms like nematodes, millipedes, earthworms, snail, etc also disturb the physio chemical and biological atmosphere of soil and cause soil pollution.

Some radioactive pollutants from the sources like nuclear reactors, explosions, read article, scientific laboratories, etc go very deep to the soil, remain there for long write and cause soil pollution. Wrong agricultural practices soiling advance agro-technology means use of huge quantities of toxic fertilizers including herbicides, weedicides, pesticides, etc enhances soil fertility however gradually declines the physio-chemical and biological property of the soil.